Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heeeeeere's Johnny!

Well, we're gonna keep this post short and sweet. Our slippery little embryo has finally fully developed into a dinkum inaugural issue. Available for download here. There's been a few growing pains and no-doubt there'll be many more. Hope you all enjoy it, check back here for updates other cool stuff. Any feed back or submissions to be sent to: submissons.audrey2@yahoo.com, complaints to be sent to fuckoffandgetasenseofhumour@webvacuum.com.

The guys at Audrey 2


  1. nice work.

    one thing though: the pdf causes Preview on OSX to crash. probably the fullscreen mode that's forced on it.

  2. Yeah we've had a few comments regarding that, probably best to view it through acrobat. We'll remove the fullscreen action on te next issue.

  3. good work guys! nice fresh content. not the typical bullshit indie/electro/check my tight jeans vibe that jumps up all over the place!

    looking forward to the next issue!

  4. Sometimes, when I am alone, I wear a ballerina dress and run around the house with a samurai sword. This gives me an obsene amount of pleasure.