Friday, June 26, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty

Don't know how i missed this. In truestyle, Dr Benway and Ronnie Belcher have produced this slick short featuring some awesome animation. And word on the street is they're busy crafting another little brainchild, no doubt a twisted-undead-blood-feeding one.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A little bit of awesomeness

Now this is fucking awesome! Tired of that old mole skin? Every pasty-faced-emo-fringed-electro-pop-"retro"-shirt wearing designer in the studio got one? Then you need one of these: A Rebound Book. Select from a range of vintage and classic book covers, or supply your own, and these guys will bind a blank book within it. Cool hey? Definitely on our list of "must have".

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Creative loop holes

Ok, before we get inundated with a tide of venomous mail spitting and frothing with obscenities, we don't for one moment condone or find the act of violence against women funny, but we couldn't help but piss our selves laughing when we checked this comment on ads of the world.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cannes Shortlist Announced!

Well by now, if you haven't heard or seen the short-list for Cannes 2009 you're either bound, gaged and hooked-up to a G3 in some remote studio against your will, where your air-intake is careful regulated by the amount of brochures you produce per minute, or you just couldn't be bothered. Either way you can check them here: Direct, Promo, PR, Press, Media, Outdoor and Radio (Digital category is yet to be announced.) There will always be the odd chestnut that leaves you thinking: "How the fuck did that get in there? But all in all the guys have done SA proud, producing some truly outstanding work. Here are a few entries: Euro RSCG-Vanish, Saatchi & Saatchi CPT- Osram, Barbershop Campaign-TBWA, Ogilvy JHB- Nike Woman, Ogilvy JHB- GreenPeace

Friday, June 19, 2009

Plagiarism or just creative license?

I was killing some time on 10 and 5 when i came across the new Vodacom ad: "Single Ladies". Since the death of Mo, FCB have used the opportunity to fill the creative void with some pretty awesome ads. "The Dictator", which led to weeks of "we been having it" being the choice phrase of every water cooler joke at the office, "Summer love" was an instant SA favorite, not overly creative but hey it was fun and it said what it needed to. Now a while back there was the infamous OK-Go rip-off, well not so much a rip-off as an out right purchase of the video rights and then slapping an MTN logo at the end, which received mixed reviews. People who knew of the already existing video (as in the target market) shouted foul, while those that were non the wiser loved it, saying things like: "Those crazy ad-guys, what will they think of next?".

So you'll understand why i was just mildly confused when seeing the "Single Ladies" ad. From the very first camp-like dance move my jaw dropped and i said to a colleague "...but that's a rip-off of that gay dancing dude we checked the other day", shortly followed by him saying- "yeah well as that other gay guy dancing in-front of the hedges clip." I got home that evening to be met by my wife (beautiful) laughing hysterically at, you guessed it- the "Single Ladies" ad. Now don't get me wrong, the ad is funny. Actually it's fucking funny. It just somehow doesn't seem right, like we've been duped, taken for a bit of a ride? Let me put it like this: Ask yourself this, hypothetically, you've made an ad "inspired" by a funny you-tube clip, and it turned out great. One day your sitting with a few friends having a drink and you're introduced to your mates new girlfriend as the guy who did "that ad". She smile and says, "No way! I love that ad!, how did you come up with something like that?". Now do you respond by saying, "Thanks, it's what i do." or "Thanks, actually it wasn't my idea-we just repackaged something we saw on the net and made it look really cool".

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just a little nudge. Reminder. Heads -Up.

The 30th of June is known the world-over for being a day that not only marks such historical events as: Independence day in the Congo, Yngwie Malmsteen's birthday and the launch of "One Night in Paris", but also the deadline for submissions to Audrey 2, Issue 2. So this year on the 30th of June, along with the celebratory firing of our A.K's in the air as a show of empathy for our African brethren in the north, pining longingly over our classic rock l.p's and bitty Internet clips, we'll also be feverishly, and with more drama than the comrades cut-off, be watching as the last few submissions trickle into our inbox.

So get moving and submit your thing to: and check here for more info.

The Guys at Audrey 2

Saturday, June 6, 2009

FAQ's and WTF's

Audrey 2 is a free, non-profit, bimonthly digital magazine. A South African Creative Collective.
Oh yes.

Ok so WTF?
Its a showcase of the current coolness of the SA creative industry, covering everything from Advertising, Design, Copy-writing, Illustration, Photography, you get the point.
So can anyone send stuff?
Yes, as long as its cool.

Can we send porn?
Yes, as long as its cool porn.
Can we receive porn?

Does the work have to have been published?
No this isn't Cannes.

Will we be famous?
Yeah sure, why not.

Can we win cool shit?
Yes, if our bimonthly celebrity judge likes your thing the best.
Do we have to be from SA?
What if we've relocated?
Then no.
Yes, otherwise the mag description would have to read-"A Sort-Of-But-Not-Quite-South African Creative Collective", doesn't have the same ring to it hey?
So how do we submit our work?
Submit your thing to
How many pieces must we send?
As much as you want, but more is usually best as all work goes through a selection process. Ok, thats it- no more question.
But there's so much more i want to know...
No, thats it.
Like what do you guys do for fun?

Do you like Pina Coladas?

Getting caught in the rain?

Making love at midnight?

Check the blog for more info and updates.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Submissions for "Audrey2: Issue 2" now open!

With over 50 billion hits, a spot on the David Letterman show and an endorsement from the Pope- Issue one was a rocking success. You may have missed the opportunity to have your work featured in our inaugural issue, but there's no need to stress becasue as wih elections, death and tattoos there's always a second chance. Audrey 2: Issue 2 will be launched on the 15th of July 2009 and you guessed it submissions are now open.

Submissions close on the 30 June 2009.
Submit your work to and please supply necessary credits.