Monday, June 22, 2009

Cannes Shortlist Announced!

Well by now, if you haven't heard or seen the short-list for Cannes 2009 you're either bound, gaged and hooked-up to a G3 in some remote studio against your will, where your air-intake is careful regulated by the amount of brochures you produce per minute, or you just couldn't be bothered. Either way you can check them here: Direct, Promo, PR, Press, Media, Outdoor and Radio (Digital category is yet to be announced.) There will always be the odd chestnut that leaves you thinking: "How the fuck did that get in there? But all in all the guys have done SA proud, producing some truly outstanding work. Here are a few entries: Euro RSCG-Vanish, Saatchi & Saatchi CPT- Osram, Barbershop Campaign-TBWA, Ogilvy JHB- Nike Woman, Ogilvy JHB- GreenPeace

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