Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just a little nudge. Reminder. Heads -Up.

The 30th of June is known the world-over for being a day that not only marks such historical events as: Independence day in the Congo, Yngwie Malmsteen's birthday and the launch of "One Night in Paris", but also the deadline for submissions to Audrey 2, Issue 2. So this year on the 30th of June, along with the celebratory firing of our A.K's in the air as a show of empathy for our African brethren in the north, pining longingly over our classic rock l.p's and bitty Internet clips, we'll also be feverishly, and with more drama than the comrades cut-off, be watching as the last few submissions trickle into our inbox.

So get moving and submit your thing to: and check here for more info.

The Guys at Audrey 2

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