Saturday, June 6, 2009

FAQ's and WTF's

Audrey 2 is a free, non-profit, bimonthly digital magazine. A South African Creative Collective.
Oh yes.

Ok so WTF?
Its a showcase of the current coolness of the SA creative industry, covering everything from Advertising, Design, Copy-writing, Illustration, Photography, you get the point.
So can anyone send stuff?
Yes, as long as its cool.

Can we send porn?
Yes, as long as its cool porn.
Can we receive porn?

Does the work have to have been published?
No this isn't Cannes.

Will we be famous?
Yeah sure, why not.

Can we win cool shit?
Yes, if our bimonthly celebrity judge likes your thing the best.
Do we have to be from SA?
What if we've relocated?
Then no.
Yes, otherwise the mag description would have to read-"A Sort-Of-But-Not-Quite-South African Creative Collective", doesn't have the same ring to it hey?
So how do we submit our work?
Submit your thing to
How many pieces must we send?
As much as you want, but more is usually best as all work goes through a selection process. Ok, thats it- no more question.
But there's so much more i want to know...
No, thats it.
Like what do you guys do for fun?

Do you like Pina Coladas?

Getting caught in the rain?

Making love at midnight?

Check the blog for more info and updates.

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