Saturday, July 25, 2009

Issue 02 cover credits- Design: Audrey 2 | Photography: Dr Benway | Model: Sashi

Some 2's are bad. Cadyshack 2 was bad, Speed 2 was bad, Basic Instinct 2 was bad, Batman & Robin should just never have been made and The Matrix, well we just don't want to talk about it. But then there were a few good 2's too (see what we did there?), Terminator 2 was good, Die Hard 2 was good, Predator 2 was great and the Dark Knight was just frikkin awesome. So we'd like to think Audrey 2, Issue 2 belongs with the latter. But you be the judge.

This issue features the likes of Ian Jepson, Clare Foxcroft Williams, Sean Meterlerkamp and Fly School Design. Plus we even got a few creative writing pieces, and if you dig them they'll become a feature in future issues. 

So check it out online here or download it hereFor submissions to Issue 3, hey LOTR Return of the King was good wasn't it?, submit your stuff to or visit for more info.

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